Sugar Hide & Seek

Know What to Look for

1. Sugar Goes By Many Names

Don't be fooled. These characters are just sugar in disguise: sucrose, glucose, dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, pure cane sugar, rice syrup, agave nectar, corn sweetener, concentrated juices, honey, maltose, maple syrup. Some is fine, but we get plenty in our food.

HI-C box with disguise

2. Serving Sizes Aren't All Equal

Many sugary drinks contain several servings. Multiply the number of servings by the grams of sugar per serving for the real deal. Or you could be tricked into drinking the equivalent of a candy bar.

Snickers bar in glass

3. "Natural" = Good for You?

Despite the word "sugar" (and some of its aliases) sounding wholesome, drinking them by the bottle just isn't natural. Plus, labels can lie. Any manufacturer can slap "Real Fruit" on a product even if it contains just one blueberry. "All Natural" and "100% Pure" are also misleading because they are not regulated by the FDA. Don't fall for these common traps. Try eating your fruit instead. The fiber in whole fruit fills you up and has other health benefits.


4. Avoid "Ades" and "Energy" Drinks

Many drinks ending in "ade" (i.e. lemonade) and making "energy" claims are packed with sugar, along with other culprits like artificial colors. Health experts advise getting fuel from food and sleep instead.

Lemonade and Monster energy drink

Is your favorite drink hiding something?

Find out